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FlushTheJohns is an online organization, which investigates, identifies, and publicizes the conduct of adults who solicit prostitutes for sex online. The site consists of Third party volunteers who carry out sting operations by posing as prostitutes on sites known for being used to prostitute.

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Our service allows for you to view people who solicit prostitutes for sex online. Knowing who these people are brings awareness to local police departments, possible significant others and anyone this kind of activity might concern.

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My ex-husband was acting strange and distant with me and I had a feeling that he was cheating on me so when I investigated and searched his number online I found he was reported to FlushTheJohns. This along with other things I found on his phone was enough to prove that he had been cheating on me with prostitutes.Sarah, California

I found out a guy I was talking to had been having sex with prostitutes luckily before possibly contracting an STD.Mary W, Florida

I had a business partner who was accused of sleeping with escorts and I did not want that kind of activity associated with my business. Lucky enough I found his profile on this site doing a cell phone number search on google and I was able to confront him. This bit of information helped me keep my brand clean.Thomas ( Business Owner ), New York

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